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William Alba

Carnegie Mellon University
Assistant Dean for Diversity, MCS
As the Associate Dean for Diversity in the Mellon College of Science, I am the first professor at Carnegie Mellon University whose title includes "diversity." During the first year in this role I focused on supporting undergraduates, building partnerships with local K-12 schools, and increasing summer scholarships. I continue to serve as the inaugural Director of the Science and Humanities Scholars Program, the premier multidisciplinary undergraduate program at the university, Director of the Advanced Placement Early Admission Program, CMU's largest pre-college summer program, and Associate Teaching Professor of Chemistry.

My recent teaching portfolio includes a history of ideas seminar on the circle through primary texts in philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, architecture, physics, and literature; a team-taught course on energy from perspectives of science, society, and communication; a project-based class on time capsules and messaging potential extraterrestrial intelligence; and an award-winning course for science students to develop as scholars, persons, professionals, and citizens. I am active in general education revision and academic program development.

My research program focuses on the social and conceptual issues in astrobiology. One project, a brief history of archiving human civilization, will arrive on the Moon's surface in early 2019.

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, May 29

2:45pm EDT