Tatum Walker

Detroit Institute of Art
Digital Media Specialist
Detroit, MI
I am a digitally minded museum educator experienced in designing, creating, and managing learning kiosks, mobile multimedia tours, and serious games. I earned a B.A. in Art History and Visual Culture and an M.A. in Educational Technology at Michigan State University. I am currently the Interpretive Specialist, Digital Media at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

As Digital Media Specialist at the Detroit Institute of Arts, my role is to work highly collaboratively with other departments to develop learner-centered special exhibitions that provide visitor's self-guided engagement with the art and exhibition ideas. As the media specialist, I develop high tech based media that enhances visitor experience with art and each other. I am responsible for ensuring high quality interpretive engagements that make a meaningful impact on visitor experience, develop purposes, outcomes, and strategies for high tech elements, and develop the high tech interpretives.