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Anthony Curtis

Radford University
Biology Department
I am an ecologist, and my dissertation focused on nitrogen fixation in termites and termite nitrogen contributions to forest ecosystems. My research interests are broad and include various aspects of ecology: ecosystem ecology, biogeochemical cycling, termite biology, plant/insect interactions, sustainable development, and invertebrate biology.

In addition to ecological research, my career has afforded me opportunity to apply learner-centered teaching methods. Some of these methods include the use of cell phones and other wifi-capable devices in class and in the laboratory. An ongoing interest in this area has led to the Radford University Biome Integrative Exchange Sites (RUBIES) program. Since the established biomes of the world are likely to change as a result of continued climate destabilization, RUBIES will provide opportunities for students to interact with other students and faculty located there while these areas are still relatively intact.